Who are we....

The Restored Apostolic Mission Congregation originated from the Catholic Apostolic Church in 1863, which was established in England in 1832 after the Holy Spirit spoke again in prophecy in the congregation for the first time in centuries. This occurred on the strength of sincere prayers. The church started off after twelve apostles were called into the ministry of reconciliation by the Lord.

The denomination is formally registered as a church body with the Government of the Netherlands in accordance with Civil Law under Art. K.G.208.

The purpose of the church is to make the Bible, the only foundation for faith, known to the people, so that the salvation that the Lord Jesus has prepared for us through his suffering and struggles is not lost, and finally all people can be saved.

We believe that the Bible is the sole foundation for faith.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Head of the church, which He governs through the Holy Spirit Who speaks in her midst by the word of prophecy.

We believe that we have the commission from God to call man to the teachings of the apostles, as Elijah and John the Baptist called Israel to the Law and Testimony.

We believe that everyone can attain to the glorification.

We believe that Jesus will soon return in person and that His coming will be preceded by the resurrection of the dead and the glorification of those who remain alive and are found worthy.

Not by might nor by power but by my spirit, says the Lord of hosts.